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Company Registration(HK)

Company Registration(HK)

Hong Kong is an international financial and business center, professionals, stable political environment, well-developed infrastructure, the continued growth of the capital market, highly educated, and an attractive taxation system. As a leader in the world's most vibrant economy, Hong Kong not only provides a good environment for the development of most economies in Southeast Asia for entrepreneurs and businesses who also entered the Chinese market as the threshold.

Set up company in Hong Kong, at the forefront of providing professional consultant advice. We start-ups and small and medium companies, Hong Kong companies registered to provide services, tax issues, immigration and provide the latest information about.

Company Registration in Hong Kong last seven working days Usually, expedited two days to complete.

Registration Process
1. customers provide:
A: Company Name (Chinese, English or both)
B: Directors and Shareholders copy of identity card / passport copies
C: Directors and Shareholders Address

D:Directors and Shareholders' contact information: phone number and email

2. Preparing registration documents
3. Customer sign the document and return, and pay the registration fees
4. Submit documents to company registry
5. Collect Certificate of Incorporation (CI) and Business Registration Certificate (BR)
6. Preparing the company kit set as well as company chops and etc.
7. All registration files return customers (registration process complete)


HK$5,950.00 (Inclusive of 1 year Register office and company secretary service, and Sigfinicant controller registration)

The advantages to setup a company in Hong Kong
1, No restriction on trade. Any legitimate business can operate without having to apply for a license;
2, Hong Kong is the world's freest trade port, logistics and out freely: Usually not out of tariffs on goods; capital flows freely Hong Kong, various foreign currency exchange can be mobilized at any time;
3. Low tax rates: 16.5% of net profit. Special consumer goods (such as alcohol and tobacco), and out of tariffs.
4, the use of well-known Hong Kong, founded the Hong Kong brand, enhance the international image of the company;
5, to allow the presence of shell companies, allowing for offshore business operations;

Hong Kong company registration conditions
1, the company name
Hong Kong "Companies Ordinance" the general provisions of the company name is as follows:
(A), the company can use the English name, Chinese name, English name and Chinese name registered at the same time, but may not use the name in English and Chinese combination
(B), the English name of the company must end with "Limited", Chinese name must be "Limited" at the end.

Such as company name contains the following words and expressions, you must first obtain the consent of the Chief Executive's use:
(01) Building society (02) Chamber of commerce (03) Cooperative (04) Kaifong (05) Mass transit (06) Underground railway (07) Municipal (08) Tourist association (09) Trustee (10) Savings (11) Services (12) the Mass Transit Railway (13) Metro (14) cooperation (15) trustee (16) building societies (17) trustee (18) Chamber of Commerce (19) Trust (20) tourist Association (21) neighborhood (22) General Chamber of Commerce ( 23) savings
2, shareholders (at least one)
3 directors (at least one)
Shareholders and directors may be the same, this body may be natural or Limited.
(Except undischarged bankrupt bankruptcy order or unsound mind) a natural person may be of any nationality, but must be 18 years of age
Ltd. can be any registered Limited
4, legal secretary (must be a Hong Kong company or Hong Kong)
5, business registration address (must be a Hong Kong address)
For receiving government letters and notices, the company specializes no special hire purchase property, but not only a PO Box as the commercial register address.
6, the registered capital (Hong Kong Company Law: Standard registered capital of HK $ 10,000)

Hong Kong Companies Registry full set of statutory information
According to the "Hong Kong Company Law" Chapter 32, a full set of statutory information after the establishment of the company as follows:
1, Certificate of Incorporation
2, business registration certificate (from the date of its establishment is valid for one year, the annual renewal)
3, "Memorandum and Articles of Association" (usually 10)
4, the company and signature of atomic chapter chapters (each one to sign checks or other documents)
5, the company stamp (1)
6, the stock book
7, the company statutory documents book (statutory book), including:
(A) Meeting Record Book (minutes book)
(B) the register of shareholders (register of members)
(C) the share transfer register (register of transfer)
(D) Directors register (register of directors)
(E) Company Secretary register (register of secretaries)
(F) mortgage register (register of charges)
8, the above documents with a "precious hard case", commonly known as "green box"

Hong Kong Companies Registry Resources
1, the following may apply to branches of Hong Kong Limited, the branch name does not have to "Limited" or "Limited" at the end. Must apply to the Department branch registration certificate (no registration certificate, and this branch registration certificate can not replace the company's business registration certificate)
2, the company name was registered does not mean that the name is protected, it does not mean that the name was not against others. If it is subsequently submitted a claim infringement of intellectual property, the company can not name has been registered in the Companies Registry as a defense.
3, if the name is the name of the company and is considered another carrier and kept by the Commissioner of the name of the index "too like", the Commissioner will issue to the company change the name indicates. Failure to comply with the direction, the Company and / or its officers can be prosecuted, the current maximum penalty is a fine of $ 100,000 and imprisonment for six months, for continued default, to a daily calculation Ann default fine 700.
4, in some cases, other legislation has adopted the company name certain words and expressions to regulate and control the improper use of those words and would constitute a form of crime, for example as follows:
(1) According to (Cap. 155) provides "Banking Ordinance", without the consent of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the use of the company name [bank] ( "Bank") word, it is an offense.
(2) According to (Cap 571 Laws of Hong Kong) provisions, "the Securities and Futures Ordinance", in addition to that defined in the Ordinance [Exchange] ( "Exchange Company") who, no person shall [Stock Exchange] ( "Stock Exchange ") or [Stock Exchange] (" Unified Exchange ") or other variations for the company name, in violation of this provision would constitute a criminal offense.
(3) In addition to the (Cap 50 Laws of Hong Kong) corporate practice defined "the Professional Accountants Ordinance," any company to "certified public accountant" or "public accountant" in the title, or the initials "CPA" or "PA" , or the words [CPA], [auditors] or [auditor] for the company name, but also an offense.

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