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Company Registration(OS)

  • Company Registration(OS)
Company Registration(OS)

Company Registration(OS)

Offshore company refers to is not registered in the substantive business of the company. Sometimes also referred to as non-resident companies.
In recent years, some countries and regions of the world (most island countries) have resorted to legal means to develop and cultivate some special liberal economic regions, which are generally known as offshore jurisdictions. It refers to the so-called offshore company is established in the offshore area of limited liability company or limited.
Compared with the general offshore company Limited, the main difference in tax revenue. And practices of turnover or profits tax undercharged typically use different government offshore jurisdictions only levy annual management fees to offshore companies, no longer levy any taxes. And almost all offshore jurisdictions are expressly provides that: shareholder information, equity ratio, earnings and other company enjoys confidentiality rights. The "offshore" means that an investment company registered in the People's offshore jurisdictions, but investors do not have to visit the local area, its operations can be carried out directly from anywhere around the world.
Offshore jurisdictions has been called tax havens, according to the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation compiled by "International Tax Glossary" explanation, where the Region meet the following conditions, it can be identified as tax havens:
First, do not tax or low tax rates, especially income tax and capital gains tax;
Second, the implementation stiff bank or commercial secrecy laws, for the parties to secrecy and may not accommodating;
Third, foreign exchange open, unrestricted capital freedom of movement;
Fourth, the foreign tax authorities refused any cooperation;
Fifth, the indefinite general taxation agreement or only a few tax treaties;
Sixth, it is very convenient financial, transportation and information center.
Some countries or regions on the surface of normal tax system, but there are a number of concessions relief provisions, and given a corresponding agreement so as to take advantage of these tax relief provisions, the actual tax burden is very low. Such countries will be considered as tax havens. It goes without saying, Region having the above conditions will inevitably attracted an attempt to avoid (escape) tax droves, thereby forming a tax haven. Many countries and regions of the world have a "tax haven" is suspected, BVI, Cayman Islands, the Bahamas is the world famous tax havens.
The main advantage of offshore companies
1. Development of cross-border business, enhance corporate image
In today's increasingly integrated world economy, business increasingly present trends of cross-border, transnational business enterprises are often used to enhance the strength of enterprises, expanding regional business. The company is incorporated in offshore business to the world, to carry out cross-border business, enhance the international image of the shortcut.
2. Facilitate international trade, avoid tariff barriers
An enterprise exports to the United States, need to apply for quotas and a series of related procedures, which the middle need to spend more than two to three times the cost. And if the enterprise has a offshore company, offshore companies by the enterprises to export products, and then by the offshore company exports to the US, you can open Rao tariff barriers to obtain duty-free treatment, and successfully opened Rao export quotas.
3. Company registration information and documents highly confidential
Profile shareholder offshore company, the register of directors, equity ratio, earnings and other information highly confidential and protected by law, the public can not consult. Only legally acquired offshore companies qualified trust management supervision of the company was aware of company background information, while the law prohibits arbitrary trust management of foreign companies disclose relevant materials.
4. Convenient registration procedures
Offshore company registration process is very simple, a professional registered agent on behalf of completion, need not be registered in person to the Registry.
5. Easy management
Offshore company is not required to convene an annual general meeting of shareholders and board of directors, even if held, its location can be arbitrarily selected.
Offshore jurisdictions (example):
Cayman Islands
The British Virgin Islands
Hong Kong



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